Dr Pepper is parting ways with its oldest Dublin based bottler, who became renowned for enhancing the drink with real cane sugar.

Texas- Based Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. and the Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Dublin, are ending their 120-year relationship in a move to settle a Dr Pepper trademark-infringment case , according to the Mineral Wells Index.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group, has purchased all of the Dublin Bottler's Sales and distribution operations, leading the Dublin-based company to change its name and operate as Dublin Bottling Works Inc. the Dallas Business Journal reported.

The settlement has been a step forward for the two companies since the start of a lawsuit in August, when Dr Pepper Snapple  asked federal court to ban its licensing agreement with Dublin Dr Pepper, claiming they had breached an agreement of sales within a six-county territory through a toll-free number and Website, according to the Dallas Business Journal. The company also asked that the Dublin based company would be banned from using the Dr Pepper brand name.  

So, what will this mean for the everyday consumer? Well, Dr Pepper won't actually taste any different, according to Snapple. Dr Pepper Snapple announced that it would still be using cane sugar in its products, but the brand would now be bottled in Texas as opposed to Dublin.

Dublin Bottling Works Inc. will continue to produce its other brands including, Nu Grape, XXX Root Beer and Big Red, all with cane sugar instead of corn-based sweeteners, according to the Mineral Well Index.

We want to thank our many customers for their support of our family-owned business during the past 120 years, and we want them to know that Dr Pepper is still a big part of Dublin, Dublin Bottling Works vice president Jeff Kloster said in a statement.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group also commented on the settlement: Our main focus has always been on protecting the strength and integrity of the Dr Pepper trademark. We're pleased to reach an agreement that accomplishes that while also preserving the history and the special relationship Dr Pepper has with the Dublin community, said Rodger L. Collins, president of Packaged Beverages for Dr Pepper Snapple Group.