Diet soda isn't very manly. Not that I put much stock into what constitutes manliness as it's usually wavers according to societal whims and trends.

Fact is, diet soda is marketed heavily to women - until now that is. Introducing Dr. Pepper 10, a diet pop that makes no bones about its target market, proclaiming at the end of its TV spot It's not for women. The commercial is as testosterone-induced as it gets, essentially a Rambo/Predator-esque backdrop with heavy artillery and a vehicle chase.


Image Credit: Popsop

Dr. Pepper is attempting to buck the trend of previous unsuccessful attempts of soda giants before it, with Pepsi Max, Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Coke and Diet 7-Up all vying for a largely untapped market.

While the diet soda segment of the industry is gaining ground on its caloric counterpart, they are also competing against the trend of bottled water, healthy alternative drinks (like vitamin-enhanced juice/water) and of course energy drinks. Most big beverage companies have adopted these products themselves anyway, but I digress...

The point is, the promotions department at Dr. Pepper has its work cut out for them. The multiple competitors notwithstanding, I don't know that guys are aching for their own diet drinks. I can't speak for all men, but that's just my instinct.

Do you think Dr. Pepper 10 will be a success? Or will it go the way of New Coke, Clear Pepsi and Jones' Thanksgiving Dinner Soda?