Home Decor: It's something every little girl dreams of owning - and now, thanks to a London company, the humble dolls' house is being brought into the 21st century with modern designs.

Bespoke wallpaper, electricity and unique decor are just some of the luxurious items on offer from Knightsbridge children's emporium Dragons of Walton Street.

Parents are tasking the store's interior designers with providing them with something to meet their child's individual tastes.

Sales of the store's delightful Georgian dolls' house are soaring - selling for more than £2,000 from the shop - which has designed bedrooms and nurseries for celebrities and royalty including Princes Harry and William.

Managing director Lucinda Croft said the dolls' house was fast becoming a best-seller.

A dolls' house sums up the magic and innocence of childhood, the mother-of-two said.