Just because they're both tween heartthrobs doesn't mean they keep up a squeaky clean image during beef. Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell of Drake & Josh is in the midst of a feud with Justin Bieber and all of his Beliebers after bad mouthing the singer and his fans on Twitter.

Bell began posting off color remarks in the past recent weeks, which first began with a stab to Katy Perry. On July 2, Bell posted criticism regarding Perry's feature length film in theaters, Part of Me.

@katyperry these biography movies about artists who have been in the market place for 5 years in ridiculous!!! Bell wrote.

Never thought I would categorize u as another uneducated hater, especially since we have many mutual friends and coworkers. Smooth, Perry fired back.

After, Bell said that his Twitter account was hacked

Have I been hacked??!! he wrote, adding that he believes on his former reps hacked into his account using old passwords. Just for the record I'm actually a fan of Katy Perry. Someone must have hacked me while they were bored.

But then, Bell proceeded to apologize for criticizing Perry and in intentionally steered the conversation towards Bieber.

I wouldn't randomly bash @katyperry....bieber however lol, Drake Bell wrote.

Bell was immediately bombarded with messages, prompting him to continue on his virtual rant.

I haven't listened to much Justin Bieber but his songs must be full of hate and rage because that's what his believers are filled with...

That's when the Beliebers came together to attack.

YOU THINK YOU ARE AMAZING BUT YOU ARE NOT. YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND F-K YOU, one fan, Twitter user @Mrs swag pfvr, wrote to Bell. Others followed suit sending similar messages to the Nickelodeon star.

But Bell didn't stop there: He ended up creating a viral trending topic: Drakesters vs Beliebers.

Drakesters vs beliebers?! Crazy at least ours is spelled correctly, he wrote in one tweet. Ok first belieber with proper grammar that speaks with intelligence gets a prize...ready go!

Naturally, hardcore fans fired back and heated the feud up, while Justin Bieber seemed to just shrug it off maturely.

Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid. Really, Bieber tweeted on Monday.

The same day, weeks after the initial fight happened, Bell came to terms with the rude remarks.

I used to worry about being a good role model and not using profanity in my media but obviously if this is how bieber fans act.... Bell wrote.

For fans of both Drake Bell and Justin Bieber, however, the war is not over. An angry Reddit thread is keeping the feud heated citing the Twitter posts to poke fun at Bell or Bieber along with each other.