Serena Williams’ friends and family have warned the tennis player to stay away from Drake as they fear he will leave her with “a broken heart,” according to media reports. The dating rumors began after the two were photographed locking lips at a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday night.

“Her friends and family, unfortunately, aren’t as trusting of Drake and worry he will just break her heart. She’s on the cusp of becoming the undisputed best female tennis player in the history of the game and they don’t want a broken heart at the hands of Drake derailing her,” a source told Hollywood Life.

In July, rumors of a relationship between Drake and Williams surfaced after the “Back to Back” rapper was spotted sitting courtside in Williams' box throughout Wimbledon. Eyewitnesses reportedly saw the two celebrate Williams' quarter finals win against Victoria Azarenka on July 7 with a kiss.

“Serena and Drake have been on a slow burn for a few months now. They have known each other for years and there has always been a spark but the timing was off,” the source reportedly said. “Drake was always saying to her, ‘when are we going out?’. Serena never seriously thought Drake was interested in her like that, though. He‘s such a player and a flirt she thought he was just playing games.

“But when he really started pursuing her she thought why not. Part of Serena is concerned that Drake is only after her to get another notch on his belt. But she’s throwing caution into the wind,” the source added.

The news of Drake’s interest in Williams came out in 2011 when the rapper expressed his admiration for the 33-year-old in a series of Twitter posts.