The Drake vs. Joe Budden beef took an interesting turn last night when the “Controlla” rapper brought Eminem on stage during a show in Detroit. Drake bringing out special guests during his “Summer Sixteen” tour is no surprise as the rapper has also played host to J. Cole, T.I., LeBron James and more, but to bring out the “Rap God” in the midst of a feud with Budden is a big move for Drizzy.

For the unfamiliar, Joe Budden and the members of his hip-hop supergroup, Slaughterhouse, are signed to Eminem’s Shady Records. So while Budden is busy dissing Drake, did his label boss just choose a side? According to Budden, no.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the New Jersey rapper gave his reaction to the cameo and appeared to have no problem with it. “I keep trying to be irrelevant but y’all won’t let me lol,” tweeted Budden, in reference to how he tries to avoid the spotlight.

“I’m smoking hookah w [sic] my girl, why do I have 30 mentions cuz 2 top tier artists performed together? I’m lost. Lol,” his tweets continued. The “Making a Murderer Part 1” rapper also tweeted out a meme and wrote, “I hate y’all lmao smh.”

Budden and Drake have been trading shots at each other since March when an early version of French Montana and Drake’s song “No Shopping” leaked online. In the song, Drake raps, “Pump, pump, pump it up / She gotta a good head on her, but I pump it up / I’m not a one hit wonder they know all my stuff.”

In anticipation of the release of “No Shopping,” Budden released two diss tracks aimed at Drake: “Making a Murderer Part 1” and “Wake.” Then, just hours after “No Shopping” was officially released, Budden released another diss track called “Afraid” which sampled Drake’s voice.

While it’s apparent that Budden is tired of discussing the Drake beef, as seen in his recent walkout from a Hot 97 interview, it doesn’t appear their feud will be ending anytime soon.