Drake joined a long line of celebrities with awful tattoos this week, adding a portrait of the popular "praying hands" emoji to his right forearm. “Good time, thanks for the visit,” Shamrock Social Club tattoo artist, known as Doctor Woo on Instagram, said in a message to Drake, who real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, on the social media site Wednesday. The message was posted alongside an image of the star's newly added ink. 

Huffington Post reports the 27-year-old "Started From the Bottom" rapper later discussed his new emoji ink with fans. “It will be a debate until the end of time… high five or praying hands.. life is what you make of it haaa," he posted and then reportedly deleted. “I pity the fool who high fives in 2014.”

The emoji tattoo joins the Canadian native's extensive body ink collection. His most famous tattoo to date is a tribute to his family on his back. PopStarTats.com reports the portrait also includes an image of the late singer Aaliyah. 

While Drake’s new ink may be questionable, he is just of the many celebrities known to sport some truly head-scratching body art. From actress Megan Fox to rapper Lil' Wayne, above are 10 of the worst celebrity tattoos of all time.