We've covered a review on Dreamboard, which is by far the most advanced theme manager for jailbroken iPhone. The themes are truly stunning and you can easily switch between themes with a single tap.

Recently a theme designer announced a brand-new Dreamboard theme named OS X Lion Ultimatum. The theme is still in beta stage and not available for public yet. However I'm sure it will definitely be the best Dreamboard theme. With Ultimatum theme, it's just like you're running a mobile version of OS lion on youriPhone.

The theme transforms the lock screen into a Lion-like logon screen with sleep, restart and shutdown buttons. It also comes Finder, LaunchPad and Mission Control:

Finder - The Finder window is completely usable that you can access all apps.
LaunchPad - The LaunchPad can remove open Windows and display all your apps at once.
Stack - Stack lets you quickly access your favorite apps.
Mission Control - Shows you the dashboard to access all the widgets and quick access to Facebook/Twitter.



You can check out the video to see the theme in action:

Cool, right? The theme even mocks the installation process of OS X Lion.

According to the theme developer, the theme is still in beta and the final version will be available for $3.5.




The original post can be found on Simon Blog: Dreamboard Theme Turns Your iPhone into OS X Lion