A very prominent saying, The First Impression, is the last impression is so very true. There is a long queue of candidates waiting for their turn to present themselves for the application of the job. Each candidate holds their priceless possession Resume and Certificates as a weapon against 100 odd candidates competing for the post. Amidst such a scenario, there are some key factors which would outshine you and overwhelm you with an Employment Offer Letter in your hand.

Points to Consider

1. Dress Well

    In numerous interview articles there is a mention that there needs to be focus on the way one dresses. A quick question that might creep into a first time interviewee is whether dress is something which guarantees a job? No, elegant dressing does not guarantee a job, but it makes you more presentable, reflects your personality and gives you an edge in this extremely competitive scenario.  Just as the phrase, the first thing a girl notices in a man is his shoes similarly the employer will initially catch a glimpse of your attire before any formal conversation. So, dress your best and wish you all the best.

    2. Research and Analysis

      It is a sign of prosperity to do lot of background study or homework before you actually land up into an interview. You could log on to the company website and check out the company policies. You could talk to the HR people regarding the mode of behavior, rules and policies in place, mannerism required and so on. This research will enable you to portray yourself as expected and there are chances that you get the job.

      3. Behave Yourself

        When you appear for an interview be humble and straightforward. Decorate a pleasant simile on your face.   Always provide a listening ear rather than entering into any arguments over topics. Present your self well with simple statements, avoid repetition and stick to the point. Portray confidence and understanding Listen carefully and answer accurately. Remember, you are marketing yourself and the employer is testing your efficiency and trying to judge you worth and how valuable it will be if he picks you up for his company.

        4. Resume

          A resume is a mirror of your achievements. It showcases your skill set and markets you for the job.  Your resume should not be a confusing document instead each word should be important and should derive attention. You could get your resume written from resume writing firms or do a lot of research on types of attention winning resumes and design it yourself.


          There is a lot of groundwork before you go in for an interview. Prepare yourself well, boost up your confidence level, wish yourself luck and put your best foot forward to discover new opportunities open to welcome you.

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