Rockstar Games recently teased the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V with an enigmatic post of the game's title.

We'll get some more clues about the game when the trailer is released on Nov. 2. But the Rockstar rumor mill has begun to churn and it has provided a few tidbits on the upcoming game. According to Kotaku's anonymous sources the game will take place in a version of Los Angeles.

The South Western U.S. is not unexplored territory for the GTA series. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which came out in 2004, took place in the fictional state of San Andreas, which mimicked parts of California, Nevada and Arizona. The fake city of Los Santos was based on Los Angeles. So we could see a return to the city sans the rest of the state.

We have seen Rockstar retread on old gaming ground before. 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV revisited Liberty City; Rockstar's take on New York City. It first visited Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, released about a decade ago. Other cities the GTA franchise has fictionalized is Vice City (based on Miami) and in San Andreas we saw Las Venturas (Las Vegas) and San Fierro (San Francisco).

San Andreas was one of the most fun GTA games due to its size and scope, so a return to Los Santos could do the franchise good. Though GTA IV was no slouch since it was considered a commercial and critical success- the game sold less than 18 million copies worldwide and garnered mostly perfect scores from reviewers.

Though if there is one city we'd like to see GTA take another crack at it would have to be Las Venturas. The gambling and seediness of Las Vegas seems like a perfect home for a GTA game. However, Kotaku has a pretty good track record in the rumors department, so we're guessing there will be a LA remake.

Other rumors Kotaku reports say the game will feature multiple main characters. This may be an evolution from GTA IV's downloadable content, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Each DLC had new storyline and featured playable characters different from the original GTA IV.

We'll see if these rumors pan out when the game releases. As to when that will be, we got rumors for that as well. Gamespot reported a 2112 release will be pretty likely. As Nov. 2 isn't too far away, we're likely to see more details leak onto the Internet.