The long-rumored release date of Droid Bionic, the new beast of Motorola's Android phone, seems to have been confirmed by numerous sources, just awaiting an official announcement.

Motorola Droid Bionic's Rule All Machines commercial, which you can view in the video below, says 09.08.11 at the very end.

An internal screenshot from Best Buy's system from Droid Attic showing an in-stock date of Sept. 7, pointing to the launch day being a day after on Sept. 8, says Gotta Be Mobile.

According to a Droid Life reader, a scavenger hunt app called Droid Bionic Arena, with the AR standing for augmented reality, has set the hunting period as from Sept. 4 until Sept. 7, which basically confirms that this phone will be out on September 8, said the site. The prizes of the scavenger hunt include: DROID Bionic, Motorola XOOM, Video-streaming Quadcopter, Intel Laptop, and a 40″ LED TV.

Droid Life also posted three pieces of legit-looking documentation for the dual-core 4G LTE smartphone, each displaying Sept. 8 as the release date.

Further, leaked Verizon equipment guide and Costco document are cited by Nexus 404 as the release date pointers for Droid Bionic.  The site claims that Costco will get the device on Sept. 2, and will hold it off till Sept. 8. 


The Droid Bionic, complete with 4G (LTE) and a dual-core processor, has people sitting on the edge of their seats. With Apple's iPhone 5, HTC Vigor and Samsung Galaxy S2 rolling out in the near future, the Droid Bionic is given birth to a highly competitive smartphone market. 


Motorola Droid Bionic will come with several enhancements, including expanded features, functionality and an improved form factor. The latest photo leaks revealing Motorola Droid Bionic showed that the smartphone looked very similar to Motorola Droid X2, another powerful dual core smartphone without 4G support.

The design changes from original Droid Bionic, which looked similar to Motorola Atrix, surely is one of the biggest enhancements in terms of form factor. It seems Motorola, with its failed attempt to impress consumers with Motorola Atrix, has allowed the Droid Bionic to undergo changes in order to pick up the momentum with its release.

One of the several leaked images supporting the looks of Droid Bionic to that of Droid X2 showcased version 1.3.0 Webtop application support. With Webtop application, Motorola brings mobile computing allowing users to experience cloud-based computing with easy-to-use docking stations. The ease of docking allows users to get online just the way they would with their regular laptops or office desktops. It provides full Firefox browser, doc editing and multimedia access on a large screen almost anywhere.