Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” wrapped up its series on Sunday, June 22 after six seasons on the air. Premiering in 2009, the show introduced romantic twist after romantic twist with Deb/Jane and Grayson. So, how did the long-running show end? We’re breaking down the series finale:

“Drop Dead Diva” fans will remember that Grayson passed away at the end of episode 9 after complications from a gunshot wound. Grayson’s soul wasn’t done living life, and his soul met up with Fred in Heaven, where it asked to be sent back to earth to be with Jane. Pushing the “return” button, Grayson did just that … except he ended up in the body of a death row inmate named Ian.

It was a struggle to clear Ian’s name before his execution, but Jane managed to do just that. Yet, the two still had plenty of obstacles ahead of them. For starters, Owen caught Jane kissing Ian and wasn’t happy that she was moving on from Grayson so quickly after his death.

The Season 6 finale, “It Had To Be You,” found multiple parties unhappy with Jane’s new partner. Owen and Kim were worried about Jane’s well being and confronted her about it, resulting in Jane quitting. Teri, on the other hand, knew old Ian -- a former classmate of hers who she felt was responsible for ruining her chances at stardom.

Deciding to work out of her house after quitting, Jane took on a client being sued for trying to save the whales. A difficult case to begin with, things became even more dramatic when Ian jumped on board as her paralegal, and Owen revealed that he’d be representing the company suing Jane’s clients. Owen offered her old job back … on the condition that she take some time off to get help. Needless to say, Jane wasn’t interested and told Owen so.

Elsewhere, Kim had to defend a client (who she briefly dated) who believed in Bigfoot and tweeted about it. His tweets got him fired from his job, and Kim was desperate to fight for him … and kiss him. Her advances on her client were turned down, but she carried on with the case and made a passionate speech in court. The employer still ended up winning the case, but Kim won in some aspect because her client kissed her.

Jane ended up winning the whaling case, but her client was extradited to Japan. In a twist, Owen ended up giving Jane a piece of information that allowed her to save her client.

Jane and Owen patched up their relationship just in time for Stacy’s wedding to Owen. Then Stacy’s water broke, leading the couple to head to the hospital to welcome their twins instead of the ceremony.

“Drop Dead Diva” ended with Jane giving Ian a piano. Seeing Grayson in Ian, the pair finally found peace with each other. The show concluded with Ian/Grayson kissing Jane/Deb after singing “It Had to Be You.”

“There’s a clear message in this series,” executive producer Josh Berman told TV Line of having Jane end up with Ian and not Grayson. “It’s about falling in love with someone’s soul. Grayson fell in love with Deb in Jane’s body, so it made sense for Deb -- as Jane -- to fall in love with Grayson in someone else’s body.”

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