We all have been witnessing the strength the US dollar had been gathering against a basket of currencies, being the biggest fighter against them all, pushing all currencies to drop in levels they never faced in a while.

As our calendar is full with economical fundamentals from the United Kingdom from different sector of the economy, starting with the Current account for the third Quarter, expecting a widening deficit to 11.5 billion from the previous deficit of 9.05 billion; continuing with the final quarterly GDP reading staying steady at 0.7%, as the annualized reading is still around 3.2% levels, finally having the M4 Money Supply for the month of November with a forecast to see it rising to 0.4% from the previous 0.2%. The British Pound is still dropping from the BoE minutes meeting effect yesterday, recording a high of 1.9984 and a low of 1.9920.

The Euro is still facing a fierce fight with the US dollar, pushing it to drop down to lower levels after fears from a rate cut made by the feds have deteriorated away because of the picking up inflation that we witnessed last week; but we cant deny the fact that the fundamentals from the Euro area are still strong, the Euro recorded a high of 1.4391 at 3:00 GMT and a low of 1.4357.

The USD/JPY pair is still dropping from the early trading session today, fluctuating in wide narrow ranges, recording a high of 113.45 and a low of 113.10, that's inline with the Bank of Japan rate decision of keeping rates steady at 0.50%, which might help the Carry Trades Transactions which mainly relies on these rates.