A pair of drunken Chicago Bears fans attempted to shake off the shame of the team’s blowout loss on Sunday by holding an impromptu footrace, and the result was exactly as messy as you’d imagine.

At some point after the Bears’ devastating 42-21 loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, two drunken Bears fans lined up on a busy Chicago sidewalk with the intention of racing each other. With one friend counting down the start of the race and another friend working a camera, the would-be track stars sprinted down the street … with disastrous results.

The footrace worked out pretty well for the Bears fan in the blue T-shirt -- he managed to keep his footing. But the Bears fan wearing the Walter Payton jersey wasn’t so lucky. In the video, he appears to trip over his own two feet, veers into his opponent’s lane and runs head-first into a metal pole. The man then lies motionless on the sidewalk, drawing stunned reactions from the footrace’s spectators.

Luckily, the impromptu run-in with the metal pole didn’t keep the drunken Bears fan down for long -- the man managed to struggle to his feet and didn’t appear to suffer any serious injuries. Once they realized that he was okay, the spectators’ concern turned to outright laughter.

The drunken Bears fan footrace is already a viral hit on the Internet -- popular sports news outlets such as Barstool Sports, Deadspin and Black Sports Online have all published articles on the video. The footage can be viewed below.