One Connecticut bride’s blissful day hit a temporary snag thanks to a few drunken antics from her mother.

Leslie Duane, 55, of West Haven, Conn., was arrested at the Arabian Horse Farm Inn in Sandbury, Mass., after she allegedly slapped her 35-year-old daughter across the face at her wedding reception, reports MetroWest Daily News. Several wedding guests attempted to remove the heavily intoxicated Duane from the event since she was getting out of hand. The bride eventually left the main reception to escort her mother to a car so she could leave. As she assisted Duane into the vehicle, “Ms. Duane slapped the victim across the face,” said prosecutor Warren Lee during her Framingham District Court arraignment on Wednesday.

When officers arrived at the venue, the unruly mother-of-the-bride was discovered laying in the bushes, screaming and shouting profanities. She initially claimed that her daughter had assaulted her. But wedding guests confirmed the bride’s version of the story.

Duane was arrested and charged with assault and battery. And after she posted $200 bail, Lee requested that Duane not contact or be near her daughter. Fortunately for Duane, though, that request appeared not to be necessary, since her lawyer claimed her daughter had been on her way to bail Duane out. But Duane's boyfriend posted bailed before the daughter arrived. 

In the end, Ms. Duane was only ordered not to abuse her daughter – a decree she can hopefully stick to before her Dec. 6 pre-trial conference.