X Factor's Tulisa Contostavlos has lost thousands of followers after she launched into a fowl-mouthed rant on Twitter this weekend.

The 23-year old singer X Factor judge headed to the social networking site to address her so called haters following a night out in New York with her pal Rita Ora.

She tweeted: Nuff luv 2 all the muffins n ndubletts, 4 eva thankful 4 ur support #shoutout2thefans,

She then added: N as 4 all u f***in haters...u can kiss my f***in ass #gettingpaid #bothered? Gdsgdhdhdhdh hahaha

The singer clearly noticed that her follower numbers dropped drastically after her cyber-outburst because she soon tweeted her personal assistant to inform him of her loss.

 Always loose a few thousand followers when I av a drunken rant with a bit of harsh language..#wellworthit #f***em @Garethvarey #terrors

On a lighter note the,  she did find time to give her non-hater followers the heads up that her unofficial biography was set to hit shops.

She begged fans not to waste their money and instead wait for her official one to realeased.

 Just want 2 confirm the fake autobiography that's out about my life at the moment is unofficial. Its is also a load of rubbish & not even..

Close 2 the reality of my life.Duno y people r allowed 2 get away with that shit.Pls dont buy it n waste ur money.Anyway..real 1 is out soon