Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, turned 30 years old on Monday, less than one year after her wedding to Prince William made her a global fashion and beauty icon.

However, according to media reports, she will celebrate her birthday without much fanfare. A source told E! News: I'm afraid all we are saying regarding the duchess' 30th birthday is that she will spend it privately with the duke [her husband].

Still, given that her sister Pippa is a professional party planner, there is speculation that Kate and William will not spend a dull evening. According to reports, Pippa and William’s brother Harry are planning a “1980’s style” shindig for the Duchess.

Moreover, British media is speculating on what kind of gift William will grace his wife with – some reports suggest he has commissioned an oil painting portrait of Kate.

On Sunday night (her last during her twenties), Kate and William attended the London premiere of Stephen Spielberg’s new World War I epic, “War Horse.” Kate was reportedly so affected by the film, she was moved to tears. (Interestingly, thirty years ago, Princess Diana had the exact same reaction to another Spielberg film, “ET”).

Speaking of Diana, when the late princess turned 30 (in 1991), she had already been married to Charles for ten years and had given birth to her two sons – by this point, their marriage was already crumbling. One year later, they would be separated.

Kate’s mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II turned 30 in 1956 – at this point in her life she had been queen for three years and had already given birth to her first two children.

Kate, like many modern-day women, has apparently put off marriage and children until her later years.