Time to celebrate the holiday season with one of America’s favorite families: the Robertsons. While the highly anticipated Christmas special airs Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 10 p.m. EST on A&E, there's plenty of "Duck Dynasty" gear to go around. Below are seven gifts inspired by the camo-clad clan.


'Duck Dynasty' Redneck Wisdom Board Game


See how well you know the Robertson family with this hilarious trivia game. Using more than 500 quotes from the show, players are asked to guess the missing words or spot decoys from the popular show. Buy it for $15.13 on Amazon.com.


'Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family, and Food -- Bringing Our Home to Your Table'


Know someone who has been pining to learn how to make Jase’s Favorite Sweet Potato Pie or Phil’s Crawfish Fettuccine? Miss Kay, the matriarch of the family, shares her family’s recipes in her latest cookbook. Buy it for $14.62 on Amazon.com.


'Duck Dynasty' Pink Camo Comforter Set With Sheets


For the girls in your family that love the show, give their room a makeover with pink "Duck Dynasty" bedding. The bright comforter can also be bought with a matching hot pink body pillow that will really show off her "Duck Dynasty" devotion. Buy it at Walmart.com for $59.88.


'Duck Dynasty' Talking Duck


Go back to the Robertson family's claim to fame with this talking animatronic duck. The multitalented duck that can say 12 classic popular "Duck Dynasty" phrases, sing two ZZ Top songs, and wags its tail whenever someone presses its button. Buy it at Toys 'R' Us for $14.99.


Duck Commander Plug and Play Video Game


Wanted to join Phil, Uncle Si, Willie, and Jase as they hunt for beavers, frogs and waterfowl? Here’s your chance. The plug and play video game hooks up to your TV allowing you to become a part of the action without any of the mess. Buy it from Bass Pro Shops for $39.99.  


'Duck Dynasty' Stuffed Talking Character Heads


For those who can’t leave the "Duck Dynasty" characters when they turn off their TVs, talking head pillows might offer some comfort. The Jase talking head pillow emits real sound bites from the show, including three of his telltale sayings: ''The number one rule is -- there are no rules!''; ''When you don’t know what you’re doing, you must do it quickly.''; and ''In my world, you add camouflage to anything, it immediately becomes cool.''  Si says: ''If you want something done right, don’t ask me''; Willie says: ''I started the sophisticated gene in this family''; and Phil says: ''Happy, happy, happy!''

Each of the four talking head pillows are sold separately. Buy them at Bass Pro Shops for $14.97.


'Duck Dynasty' Wrapping Paper


Now that you’ve bought your "Duck Dynasty" loot, you might as well use appropriate wrapping paper. The paper features photos of all the characters including phrases such as "Happy, Happy, Happy," "Family Certified, Redneck Approved", and "Faith, Family, and Facial Hair." Buy it for $14.66 on Amazon.com.