Experts consider Michelle Duggar's act of posting the photo of her miscarried baby on internet as a healthy model to be followed by grieving parents.

The Duggar family from the reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, posted a photograph of Michelle Duggar holding Jubilee Shalom's tiny hand, with an audio message, on the Internet.

There are bereavement experts who have raised the opinion that this act would be of great emotional assistance to families going through the loss of a miscarriage. They point out that usually families have the inclination to keep silence over such a matter.

According to experts, it has to be discussed among the family members who will definitely help alleviate the pain caused by it. Such an open discussion will help open the healing and grieving process highly essential while faced with such a situation.

By showing this picture, they are showing that this child is real, and if you have a real child, you have real grief, Judy Blore, director of the Basis bereavement program in Pennsylvania, told LA Times. She said that the Duggars were courageous for their unconventional approach and it would ultimately provide the family closure and peace.

Also, the Duggars held a memorial service for their daughter last week, at which time they posted the photograph and letter online, on their blog.

I think we are dealing with things in a healthier way by acknowledging the existence and acknowledging it is a loss, said Blore.