The fictional television show The Office from NBC is getting real, in a way. The struggling fictional paper company from the sitcom -- Dunder Mifflin -- will sell real Dunder Mifflin paper through Staples' will sell Dunder Mifflin branded paper thanks for a licensing deal from NBC, which will get six percent of all revenues for parent company NBC Universal, owned by Comcast Corp. The paper, priced higher than private label paper, will come with popular slogans from The Office including Our motto is, Quabity First and Get Your Scrant on.

The strategy from was reported first in The Wall Street Journal. The marketing deal, according to Quill's chief marketing officer, Sergio Pereira, is part of the battle he calls a race to the bottom in the paper business.

Sales in the estimated $3 billion North American copy-paper market have been declining at a pace of about three percent per year.

The Office is in its eighth season on NBC, but popularity of the program has been sagging, leading some to question whether will make a success out of its licensed Dunder Mifflin paper.