A Dunkin' Donuts worker was charged with prostitution after police investigated an anonymous tip that an employee at a Rockaway, N.J. store was making the most of her downtime.

Melissa Redmond, 29, of Mine Hill, N.J. was the focus of an investigation labeled "Extra Sugar" after police were alerted that she was allegedly trading sex for money on her breaks, often in customers' cars.

Over the course of six weeks, detectives followed up on the anonymous tip -- first with surveillance, and then an undercover operation that ended in a bust.

"I had gotten an anonymous tip," Detective Sgt. Kyle Schwarzmann told Asbury Park Press. "She was a nighttime employee (working 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.), supposedly a very good one."

While observing the Route 46 Dunkin Donuts store during Redmond's shift,  Shwartzman noticed she had a pattern of visiting customers for ten or 15 minutes at a time in their cars.

"Sometimes I'd even see money changing hands," Schwarzmann said, adding that sometimes the cars would remain in the parking lot while other times they would drive elsewhere.

Officer Scott Haigh acted as the "John" in the undercover operation.

"He went in plain clothes through the drive-through window," Schwarzmann said. "He spoke to her, and she said if he wanted a good time to call her and she gave him her phone number."

Shortly thereafter, Redmond met Officer Haigh in the parking lot and provided him with a list of her services, along with their prices.

On a second occassion, the officer was offered a discount for services and told Redmond he would return with the money after going to an ATM machine. Upon his return, Redmond was arrested and charged.

The prostitution sting is the second Dunkin' Donuts-related scandal in the news this week. On Monday, The New York Times reported two men were indicted on charges of stealing $17,703 from a Queens Chase bank branch by using rechargeable Dunkin' Donuts cards to encode customer information.


[Source: Gawker]