Dustin Diamond says his old co-star from “Saved by the Bell” isn’t the Lark Voorhies he remembers.

He recalled to People that in 2003 “Screech” and “Lisa Turtle” reunited to do a commentary on a “Saved by the Bell” DVD box set, but the woman he worked with in 2003 was very different from the teenager he working with in the early 1990s.

"I was always used to playing off of her and looking into her eyes," Diamond said to People. "When I saw her at the commentary, it wasn't the Lark I knew."

During a strange interview with People magazine, Voorhies reportedly stared into space while speaking. She chalked it up to being "spiritual," but her mother told the magazine that the actress has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mario Lopez, who played jock A.C. Slater on the popular show, recalled that Voorhies was just as engaging off screen as she was onscreen when he worked with her.

 "[She] came from a real nice family – close with her mom. She carried herself like a little lady," Lopez reportedly said. "She was a sweet, pretty, cool teenaged girl. I was a big fan of hers. We got along great."

Diamond recently worked with Voorhies on an indie film called “Little Creeps,” and the distant woman  worked with in 2003 was still the one who stood in front of him years later.

"Part of me is putting it out of my mind and not thinking about it, but the other part is that of concern," he says. "Man, I hope she's all right."

During her interview with People, Voorhies said about “Saved by the Bell:”

“It was a joy to play Lisa Turtle. It was very fun. It was a joy to arrive at work every day. It’s a fantastic world of fun to be associated with. We all had a good time I had a blast. I think we all had our moments. Dustin was pretty famous for many of them. We all have this endearing collective chemistry… The immediacy of that will come to light whenever we get together."