Dutch Prince, Johan Friso is currently in critical condition after being buried in an avalanche on Friday. The son of Queen Beatrix, the Prince was skiing in the Austrian Alps with a friend when the snow fell.

Friso was hit with snow 30 meters wide and 40 meters long, reported the Austria Press Agency. The Prince was buried in the snow for 20 minutes before he was pulled free. He was found unconscious and was resuscitated.

Fourty-three year old Johan Friso was flown to the university clinic in Innsbruck, where his condition was listed as critical, but has since become stable but not out of danger. The Dutch government said that the queen and his wife are at his side.

Avalanche alerts are common in the area, with the alert level in Friso's area, Lech, being a four out of five. As of now, the Dutch government says that it could take days before doctors fully know the extent of damage the prince suffered.

Frio's skiing companion was also hit by the avalanche, but managed to free himself. He then called for help. Police in Lech told Reuters that, The rescue chain functioned perfectly and worked within a short time. A beeper that Johan Friso was wearing helped the rescue workers locate him.

Prince Johan Friso gave up his right to the Dutch throne when he married commoner Mabel Wisse Smit in 2004. The media discovered Smit's relationship with mobster Klaas Bruinsma. Bruinsma was fatally shot in 1991. Friso and Smit have two daughters together, Luana and Zaria.