Dynamic Response Group, Inc. CEO Melissa K. Rice today announced the national roll-out of Medico Express, DRG’s diabetic product supply subsidiary. This campaign will optimize its media footprint by tightly focusing its marketing strategy to the Hispanic population.

DRG has projected that, by being the only company to tap into this niche market on a nationwide scale, they can expect revenues to exceed $13M in 2010 and $40M in 2011. This coming Monday, October 19, infomercials will air on the top 3 Hispanic TV stations: Telemundo, Univision and Telefutura.

Rice went on to say that by strategizing around the “second-fastest growing minority group in the U.S.”, which is experiencing “a dramatic increase in the incidence of diabetes”, DRG could exploit its “proven experience” in direct TV marketing to generate explosive growth potential in this underserved market.

DRG has a solid background in marketing individual betterment and wellness aids via all forms of traditional media, as well as a strong online presence. This expertise enables them to successfully exploit this niche market on a product line that will generate continuous revenue.

Medico Express is a recent recipient of Medicare approval for reimbursement of its product line, and is authorized to sell in all 50 states. Primarily focusing on direct-to-consumer diabetics products for the U.S., Virgin Islands and Puerto Rican markets, Medico Express will be the only major player in the Home Medical Equipment sector for Hispanics, and so should be able to obtain and maintain sector dominance.

The potential market capitalization for diabetic supplies in the U.S. Hispanic population is estimated to be $748M, with a CDC projected ceiling of around $1B within a few years. DRG’s Medico Express has honed its product line to address the continuous needs of diabetics.

The prevalence of diabetes in Hispanics is twice that of Caucasians of the same age. Initial test market results confirmed this analysis, generously surpassing projections by management.