Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation, an energy solutions provider and leader in second generation biomass-to-biofuel technology, recently announced its Biochar test results with BlueLeaf Inc., a Canadian private social purpose enterprise active in applied research concerning the environment. This year-long process tested the application of Dynamotive’s CQuest™ Biochar into commercial farming test plots.

After 12 months of testing, results indicated that crop yields increased from 6 percent to 17 percent in soils where biochar was applied compared to control plots. In addition, the tests showed an increase in root length (+68%), lower plant leaf temperatures (-22%) and lower soil nutrient depletion rate during growing season. The full study is available at Dynamotive’s website at www.dynamotive.com.

Tom Bouchard, the chief operating officer of Dynamotive stated, “We are grateful to the team at BlueLeaf for providing the technical and practical expertise needed to complete this study. It’s a valuable step towards building a comprehensive understanding of how biochar, and specifically CQuest, can make a positive difference to not only agriculture but the environment as well.”