Dynasil Corp., a provider of technology, products, services and solutions for the medical industrial and homeland security/defense markets, announced that its research division Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc. (RMD) was granted additional U.S. patent claims surrounding advances in the company’s radiation detection technology.

The advances in RMD’s detector material is capable of responding independently to both neutron and gamma radiation, which the company says is of “critical national importance” since the most commonly available technology is based on gaseous Helium-3, which has serious availability limitations.

Dynasil recognizes the need for the advanced technology, moving quickly to ready the products for government and commercial use by developing specialized production furnaces designed to make the technology in large volumes.

Dynasil said RMD’s Watertown facility is capable of producing the crystals and resulting detectors in prototype quantities, and that a production facility for this technology is being constructed at Dynasil’s Hilger Crystals Division in Margate, England. This marks the company’s initial step in its expansion efforts that will enable the company to produce this particular type of crystal, as well as a line of additional crystals currently in development in Watertown.

Hilger is anticipated to be ready to supply production volume shipments of these new radiation detectors during the quarter ending September 30.

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