E-18 Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Protectus Medical Devices, develops and markets innovative safety medical percutaneous devices that have the potential to dramatically reduce needlestick injuries for medical professionals worldwide.

E-18 has presented a profile of their flagship product, the patented Protectus Medical Hypodermic Safety Syringe. President and CEO of Protectus Medical Devices, Dr. John Salstrom, said, “The Protectus Medical Hypodermic Safety Syringe is a revolutionary technology that represents a quantum leap in safety syringe technology.”

Dr. Salstrom continued, “The Protectus Safety Syringe was designed and engineered to prevent needlestick injuries, and was created with the thoughtful input and consultation from doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners. We believe that the Protectus Hypodermic Safety Syringe will prevent needlestick injuries, will save lives, and importantly, will make a significant contribution to reducing healthcare costs related to needlestick injuries in the United States.”

The company went on to list 16 key competitive advantages of their device. These advantages should help the company gain market share in the $5 billion global hypodermic syringe market. Some of the key advantages discussed include:

• The company’s safety syringe is cost-effective, priced at or below competitive products which do NOT meet federal standards.
• In FDA-required full comparison clinical trials, the company’s syringe was the device of choice by medical professionals and had a zero percent failure rate.
• The device is a fully-automatic, self-sheathing syringe requiring no intentional activation of the safety features by the user at any stage of use.