Morgan Stanley Asian director and general manager Andy Xie suddenly refered a resignation to group as he wrote a inner E-mail which include the infaust opinions to authority and the mail was guessed to be leaked.

In this mail, Mr Xie said International Monetary Fund (IMF) choicing Singapore is a stange matter, and pointed out Singapore's success ago mainly attribute to its special status as a center of laundrying grey money for Indonesia and promote economic development, Singapore are building the casinos to attracting the corruption money from China.

Singapore is the Morgan Stanley's main developing area for investment bank in Asia, so the mail made the group very embarrassed. As the mail might refered to durn, Andy Xie resignated his position.

Morgan Stanley spokenman said the mail merely was Xie's personal opinion, not the group's stand; the company always supports Singapore and respects its achievements.

Mr Xie jioned in Morgan Stanley in 1997 and often wrote some bold sayings for the economy of Singapore and China Mainland