An open beta for EA’s most-awaited first-person shooter game, “Battlefield 3,” is set to arrive on Sept. 29 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The beta mode of the game will be open for play until Oct.10 and will provide gamers with ground-breaking multiplayer combat with new weapons, new maps, updated vehicles and jets, and an enhanced graphics engine (Frostbite 2.0). Gamers who pre-ordered the PC digital download of the game via Origin, or acquired the Tier 1 edition of “Medal of Honor,” however, will enjoy earlier access to the “BF3” beta on Sept. 27.

“I’m a little more than a month into my role as EA’s COO, and while I spent the last four years inside the battlefield of the sports arenas for EA SPORTS, it’s a different type of battlefield that has me captivated today. Because today we announced that Battlefield 3 is launching an open beta on Sept. 29,” said Peter Moore, EA COO.

In order to download the free beta, the gamer will just need to access the PlayStation Network Store, the Xbox 360 marketplace or Origin for PC. Origin is a must to download the beta on PC.

The gamers will get to keep the name they used while registering and the stats that will be accumulated during the beta will not be hampered once the game goes live. EA/DICE, however, said the open beta is limited to gamers residing in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Elsewhere, Moore said that he’s passionate about shooter games and helped launch “Halo 2.” He was hopeful that “BF3” will be a popular game worldwide.

“Battlefield is also the only shooter game that will let you jump in and out of combat vehicles on the fly. Soldiers in the real world go from jeeps to tanks to helicopters – whatever it takes to accomplish the mission at hand. And after years in hiatus, Battlefield 3 ushers in the return of jets. During my visit, I took off on a sortie from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the game…talk about an adrenaline rush,” Moore added on EA’s official Web site.

“Battlefield 3” is set to be released Oct. 25 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. EA Mobile has also confirmed a port for the game on iOS platform which will be a direct sequel 2005's “Battlefield 2.”
Check out in the video below to catch a glimpse of what’s coming your way.