That Apple's iPad has been a booming success since its launch and to date is no longer news. The tablet has seen continuous growth in sales and a whopping market share, in excess of 50%.

Confirmation of its success has come from all sources, from users to market analysts to Apple's financial results.

Well, now the tablet gets more praises, this time coming from one of the largest computer games developers, Electronic Arts.

The company's chief executive, John Riccitiello has stated that the huge success of the tablet has also lead to his company's latest growth spur. According to Riccitello, one of the reasons for this success is the fact that, compared to gaming consoles which have seen a five-yearly update schedule, tablet users have the ability to use the app stores to get the latest versions of their favorite games.

What this means is that a game developer can update and launch new games sometimes even as often as once every 90 days. This has lead to a 500% increase in Apple's share of the US video game market share.

Another move by Apple which further fueled the gaming market shares has been the launch of the iPad 2, which saw a great improvement in graphics acceleration and this giving a much better gaming experience. In comparison, a gaming console usually sees a 10-20x improvement in 7-8 years. Apple leaped 9x within one year with the launch of the new version of the iPad.

This ever increasing success can only lead to questions regarding what will happen if Apple launches the rumored iPad 3 this autumn.


The original post was published here: EA Praises iPad as the Best Selling Gaming Platform