EADS co-chief executive Thomas Enders said he is convinced of the success of the Airbus A380 super jumbo program, regardless of recent production difficulties the airline has experienced.

The aerospace corporation experienced production problems which delayed the release of the A380 aircraft by two years. This led to a $6 billion future profit shortfall at the Franco-German EADS arm.

Speaking at an air transport conference, EADS German co-head said that he “believes in the success of the A380 and I am certain that Airbus will return to its old strength.”

Airbus recently announced a rescue plan which caused delays to its flagship A380 super-jumbo jet program. This is expected to result in job cuts and consolidation of factory production outside Europe.

Enders said the A380 delays have created “huge holes out of our resources…we have to take cost-cutting measures to compensate for this. We don't want the A380 to be the last model we build. We want to keep making new airplanes.”

EADS overtook Chicago-based Boeing Co. in 2003 as it produced more airlines. In 2006, EADS manufactured 378 planes compared with 290 aircraft at Boeing.