If you've watched a few Eagles games this year (check that: any Eagles game this year), then you’ve probably noticed that they have a tendency to turn the ball over like it’s structured into their contracts.

While they’re currently sitting tied for second in the NFC East, things could be a lot worse for the birds -- who’ve looked rather flightless of late.

At the center of the team’s woes has been star QB Michael Vick’s massive turnover rate. Vick’s always had a cannon for an arm and a propensity to throw the ball on the run, but those tendencies are coming back to bite him and the Eagles this year. While the play of his offensive line has been far from ideal, Vick has turned the ball over a whopping 13 times this season, while the team around him has coughed the ball up another 4 times to account for a league-leading 17 turnovers, according to Yahoo Sports.

Things came to a head this past Sunday when Vick and the Eagles blew a 10-point lead in the last five minutes of their game against the Lions. Vick, less-than-stellar, threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball once, which has become virtually de rigueur for him this season.

With the momentous collapse and factoring in that the team has lost three of four, fans and experts are calling for Mike Vick’s head.

According to Adam Schefter, if the Eagles release Vick before February 6 of next year, they’ll save $15.5 million in cash and $12.7 million in salary cap space. That date is the day after this season’s Super Bowl, and any release would relieve the Eagles of two more years of Vick’s salary.