Credit: Methods of Healing

A Senate committee has suggested for ear plugs to be introduced at pubs and music venues and warning signs to be put up if the music is too loud.

The new recommendation calls the Health Department to develop new recreational noise safety regulations.

One in six Australians experience some level of hearing loss and the figures could be as high as one in four by 2050, the committee has found.

The most common causes for hearing loss include ageing and prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Personal music players and places that play loud music are likely to cause damage to hearing, says the committee.

Warning signs have been suggested to be put up in clubs and pubs where the music could be loud enough to compromise ear health.

The committee also demands ear plugs to be made available at the venues and national hearing campaigns to be conducted to educate the young people, across the country.

In Australia, hearing loss costs more than $11 billion every year in lost wages and heath expenditure, according to the committee's estimations.