In order to maintain the work of four Brazilian artists on Kelburn Castle, Aryshire, the Earl of Glasgow has asked the permission of the North Ayrshire Council.

The Earl, Patrick Boyle, has written to Historic Scotland for their consent to allow the graffiti to stay indefinitely.

The murals involved a series of interwoven cartoons on the palace walls and were commissioned by the earl's son and daughter in 2007. The project was approved by Historic Scotland on the grounds that they would be removed as soon as the castle was re-harled.

However, on September 2010, the organization asked for the removal of the graffiti.

The Press Association reported that according to the guidelines by Historic Scotland, owners of listed properties are required to use only historically correct colors in a manner which is appropriate to the building. Where more than one color is to be used, they should all relate to the architectural features of the whole building in a logical and consistent manner. The painting of one storey a different color from another, or indeed any part of the building differently from the remainder, should always be avoided.

The castle, which is located on the grounds of Kelburn Estate, also features a country center for public apart from a series of outdoor attractions.

Check out the images of the controversial graffiti murals below: