Following a flurry of excitement and speculation surrounding the rumored return of Thebe Earl Sweatshirt Kgositsile to his home in California following a 19-month stay at the Coral Reef Academy in Samoa, Earl dropped off the radar. Presumably, the 17-year old rapper returned to school to get his high school diploma, and has stayed out of the public eye for the most part. The only window Hip Hop fans have into Earl's activities is the Twitter account he created on Feb. 8.

Earl Sweatshirt's Twitter profile, @earlxsweat, quickly gained over 100,000 followers, responding to a demand from the rapper for 50,000 in one night if his fans wanted to hear a new recorded track. Around midnight Earl came through on his promise and linked to website where fans could listen to a new song celebrating Earl's return, titled Home.

Since then Earl's Twitter has mostly served as a guestbook for fans to proclaim their love for the teenager who was once Odd Future's most promising rapper, but by studying Earl's tweets it is possible to glean bits of information regarding his recent activities.

Following the release of Home, one of Earl's earliest tweets, posted on Feb 9, read The people who know absolutely nothing voice their opinions the loudest. Jesus.

Earl followed this up with I'm the subject of the most ridiculous myths and theories of this decade. F--k expectations.

After making an effort to quiet the roar of rumors surrounding his recent return, Earl tweeted back to school on Monday. baw. baw. baw, confirming that he is back home primarily to finish high school for the time being.

Earl appears to be adjusting to school with little trouble. On Feb. 13 he tweeted, First day back at school. Not bad at all. Whatever.

On Feb. 19 he mentioned high school again, writing, Writing poems for creative writing course isn't even like doing homework.

During the days in between these two posts, Earl reflected on his time in Samoa, writing Don't ever take things like fabric softener and good Chinese food and moderate weather for granted. #thingsilearned on Feb. 14, and made a variety of music recommendations, ranging from Beirut to the Black Keys and Estelle to Mac Miller.

The most exciting news that eager rap fans may have picked up from Earl's tweets is his recent online communication with the popular recording artist Santigold (also known as Santogold) (!/Santigold). On Feb. 19 he reached out to her, writing I hope santogold would work with me. Santigold responded the same day, tweeting What up Earl. Let's do it!

What may come of the possible collaboration between young rapper Earl Sweatshirt and the accomplished musician Santigold is unclear, and the two have had no public communication since Feb. 19, although they may be communicating privately.