Thebe Kgositsile, AKA Earl Sweatshirt, rap group Odd Future's youngest and most promising member returned to his home in California after being sent away to a boarding school in Samoa just as Odd Future blew up.

Since his return, Earl has taken small steps towards re-launching his career, setting up a Twitter account and a website, releasing a new track Home, and appearing on Odd Future track Oldie, while at the same time returning to high school.

On Friday, video titled Earl Sweatshirt in Samoa, which features 3 minutes of footage taken of the young rapper during his time at boarding school. The video opens on a shirtless Earl Sweatshirt walking through the school's campus, showing his temporary home. Later he appears to be nervous at the thought of returning home.

Another shot shows a teacher telling him, You have to look at this as the beginning of your timeline, and in another short we see Earl sliding down a small waterfall into a natural pool. The video was filmed and edited by Aaron Jacob and Asher Underwood.

Possibly coinciding with Earl Sweatshirt in Samoa intentionally, The New York Times published an article profiling the young rapper titled, Earl Sweatshirt is Back From the Wilderness

In the article Earl explains the difficulty he's had returning home and attempting to return to his old life.

There's so much in the balance, he told the Times. For me, for my mom, for Tyler, for everyone I care about.

The article also explains what prompted Earl's exile to Samoa. Beyond his controversial lyrics, Earl was smoking marijuana on a daily bases, had a falling out with his martial arts tutor, and was caught cheating on an English test in school.

I'm my mom's everything, so there was nothing else to distract her [from his troubles], he said.

Earl told the Times that the time he spent in Samoa has helped him mature.

 I started taking responsibility, he said, in my head, not just out loud.

He's matured, Odd Future female member Syd told the Times. It's weird to say that because in my circle a friend's maturity isn't necessarily looked up at. But he hasn't changed.