Yesterday, Earth Search Sciences, Inc. announced that drilling on its oil shale gasification site will now begin. The project takes place under a development agreement with its subsidiary company, General Synfuels International, Inc. The core and instrument holes will accommodate proof-of-concept testing for a zero-footprint, zero-emission in-situ oil shale recovery process.

The test site is located near Rock Springs, WY, home of the most economically attractive oil shale deposits in the USA. The government estimates that deposits in the Green River Formation are in excess of 1.2 trillion barrels. The site has been approved by Anadarko Petroleum, which controls the mineral rights. The Rock Springs Grazing Association has also approved the clean environmental aspects of the technology and supports the test site with its assignment of surface rights.

“American energy security depends on smart, environmentally responsible development methods represented by the low-impact process we will demonstrate in Wyoming,” said Michael Lockhart, chief technical officer of Earth Search Sciences. “We are excited to demonstrate the effectiveness of this patented GSI technology.”