A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan's northeastern region on Wednesday, prompted fear among Twitter users who began to offer up prayers for Japan tweets as some say the recent quake is much too soon for a reminder of last year's triple disaster.

The strongest tremor was reportedly off Hokkaido island, causing some changes in the tide. Evacuation orders or tsunami advisories were issued for residents in some communities near the coast.

The quake was centered some 270 kilometers (170 miles) off the east coast and the Japanese Meteorological Agency called off the advisory a short time after it was issued, CNN reported.

No damages were reported in the region by the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear disaster last March. The powerful earthquake on March 11, 2011 spawned a huge tsunami that crashed into the eastern coast of Japan killing hundreds and clearing all that was in its path.

Photos showed homes on fire as they were being swept away by flood water.

The images from that last disaster remain fresh in the minds of some who on Wednesday, took to their Twitter accounts praying that everyone in japan remains safe.

Be safe, Japan, wrote Rachael Flatt. Much too soon for a reminder of 3/11.

God please help Japan out ..., wrote Twitter user Manny.

Some were still in disbelief that a disaster could hit the region so close to the date of the last tragedy.

I don't believe Japan...again...god bless in this difficult moment, Sheila Alexandra tweeted.

Still many believe the country will pull through.

God bless Japan...#Relief, recovery, sustenance, resiliency, hope, peace, love and unity--let us pray, tweeted Jeanny Ragosta.