East Coast Diversified Corp., a company that offers a portfolio of GPS devices, RFID interrogators, integrated GPS/RFID technologies, and Tag designs, has announced that its subsidiary EarthSearch Communications, Inc. will be launching its new ecommerce site on April 29, 2011. The website will be offering professional services and consulting for mid size and small businesses.

“Most small and mid size businesses are not taking advantage of emerging technologies such as RFID that can help with automation of business processes, reduce cost of operation, improve performance and profitability. While most large organization with resources are more likely to take advantage of these technologies, small and mid size businesses are intimidated by the cost associated with professional services required to review and design solution needed for their operations. In addition, limited knowledge of the capabilities of emerging technologies and how they enhance profitability impact adoption,” said Kayode Aladesuyi, CEO for ECDC.

EarthSearch’s ecommerce site will be offering the current products offered by the company, along with special tools for small and mid size businesses to request “free” professional consultation by completing a Project Description Form, used to describe their desired business automation objectives, upload images, floor plans, and other information that would be necessary to aid in the designing solution that will address current problems that are apparent within their operation.

EarthSearch System Analysts and the “Professional Services Team” will offer consultative project designs and support, make any recommendations to aid in how to best implement RFID or integrated RFID/GPS solutions to create more efficiency and automation in their operation for increased profitability. The site will bring forth similar benefits to small and mid size businesses that are available to most major organizations around the world. Small business owners and managers will be able to access consultative tools that are needed to understand the fundamentals for the technology and help guide utilization.

“We intend to continue to focus on major business solutions; however our new small business division will look to cater to the ignored segment of the market. We observed from the inquiries we are getting for products that there is significant confusion and lack of understanding in the small to mid size business space on how best to implement RFID technology for business process automation. We receive inquiries for products only to discover that the client does not quite understand the implementation process and lack the consultative support required to design application that meet the desired solution. We are going to fill that gap,” said Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of ECDC.

Allison Gooch, the Marketing and Graphic Design Executive for ECDC, said, “We encourage small to large businesses to visit our ecommerce site, we will offer information on solution designs that can be helpful in guiding organization decisions on how best to automate their business operation.”

EarthSearch Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of East Coast Diversified Corporation, is based in the US. Its main product, LogiBoxx™, assimilates GPS and RFID at the hardware level to offer unprecedented visibility in the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Asset Management and Control industries. The company’s extensive expertise in GPS and RFID technology, with its exceptional support and services, sets EarthSearch apart from its leading competitors.

For more information on the company and its products, visit their company website at www.earthsearch.us.