East Coast Diversified Corp. announced today that subsidiary EarthSearch Communications International, Inc., www.earthsearch.us, has welcomed one of Turkey’s leading turn-key logistical solutions providers, Denkasan Telecommunications, as its newest member in the channel partner program.

EarthSearch is known for its flagship LogiBoxx™ GPS/RFID hardware-level integrator which, when combined with EarthSearch’s proprietary Global Asset Tracking and Identification System (GATIS) platform, comprises a LogiBoxx Certified Solution set that enables real-time virtual presence across an entire supply chain. Able to communicate with active and passive tags as well as passive readers, the LogiBoxx offers a way to instantly view the entire tag architecture, including every item, in real-time.

Denkasan was excited by the LogiBoxx intelligent GPS device with embedded RFID business logic because it was so easy to integrate it seamlessly into the Company’s existing architecture, making it a snap to provide LogiBoxx certified solutions to their clients, according to General Manager for Denkasan, Denizhan Cönger, who said they found the device when searching for a GPS system to replace existing legacy drives.

VP of Global Channels at EarthSearch, John Ferguson, noted the eminence of Denkasan in Turkey’s fleet tracking, logistical management and security sector, and clearly expressed his pleasure that they have joined the EarthSearch family. Ferguson also reaffirmed the lasting commitment to helping Denkasan provide its clientele with LogiBoxx certified solutions.

EarthSearch offers a wide array of integrated GPS and RFID solutions, with vast expertise in both technologies, giving them the power to design and implement a Tag architecture that is right for any supply chain and is equipped with exceptional support and service facilities, making it one of North America’s leading global manufacturer and suppliers of cutting-edge real-time location systems.