Radio-frequency identification (RFID) has a wide array of applications. The technology uses radio waves to transfer data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an object for the purpose of identification and tracking. In essence, it has taken bar-coding to the next level as RFID serves many of the same basic purposes, but greatly broadens overall possibilities for uses as well as eliminates the need for direct connection. Another major setback for the once-groundbreaking bar code technology is that codes can only be read one at a time whereas RFID tags can be processed by the hundreds simutaneously.

Atlanta, Georgia-based, East Coast Diversified Corp., through its subsidiary, EarthSearch Communications, Inc., is seeing immediate success with its cutting-edge application of RFID technology as demonstrated through a new purchase order for its LogiBoxx GPS systems received from Belfor Property Restoration in Alberta Canada. Belfor will be using the integrated GPS/RFID LogiBoxx solution for workforce optimization and performance enhancement.

Belfor is a leading global restoration and repair company that analyzes and restores fire, water and storm damage of every kind and on any scale at any location. In what could potentially be the start of a much larger endeavor for EarthSearch, as Belfor has offices worldwide, the purchase order is addressing the needs of Belfor’s Edmonton, Alberta location which was looking to improve asset management and automate its job costing process. The system is slated to be installed on Belfor’s entire fleet of vehicles operating from that location.

EarthSearch LogiBoxx solution will be used to validate each time an equipment is removed from the truck as well as the location of the removal. It will also validate if the location is designated as a job site through ECDC’s proprietary software. The RFID recognizes loading and unloading of equipment and communicates this wirelessly to the GPS device which records the location and time of the event.

Some of the other issues addressed by the solution include locating missing equipment or generating alerts when an employee has left equipment or tool behind. By using LogiBoxx system, Belfor is able to quickly identify which truck has which equipment in the field or which customer location may have missing equipment. Quite simply, the new system maximizes efficiency in the dispatch process and protects again losses that occur all too regularly from lost or stolen equipment.

Commenting on the purchase order, East Coast Diversified’s CEO Kayode Aladesuyi stated, “There should be no surprise here, we believe, as more organizations recognize significance of wireless communication between GPS/RFID and the ability to help improve employee and operation performance, we will see quicker and more rapid adoption of our technology.”

EarthSearch’s integration of RFID and GPS appears to be a truly unique method of maximizing productivity and efficiency on many levels for the thousands of companies that operate with mobile, on-site operations daily. Investors seem to be backing the concept and technology as well. Shares of ECDC kicked off 2011 by dipping as low as $0.0036, but have been steadily climbing with the stock value closing trading yesterday at $0.075; up a cool 150 percent from the previous close.

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