U.S. East Coast was struck by an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 on Tuesday that some in New York and Washington briefly mistook for a terrorist attack. 

The most powerful earthquake to strike East Coast in 67 years had cracked the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral. The White House and the Capitol were evacuated.

With the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack heading in three weeks, and the East Coast not being used to quakes of any size, people were shaken physically and emotionally.

Stressed-out D.C. mother of four Marion Babcock, who spent two hours stuck in traffic instead of her normal 25 minutes, did the only sensible thing for her frazzled, frightened kids: I treated their post-traumatic stress with copious amounts of chocolate mint and cookie dough ice cream.

Though there were no reports of deaths, fire officials in Washington reported a few injuries and minor breakage and damage.