Easy Energy, Inc. today announced that it has signed purchase orders with a purchaser/reseller based in the U.S., and with its distributor in the UK and Ireland. The orders are for the company’s YoGen cell phone charger device. Gross sales revenues for these transactions are expected to total $700,000.

“This is the launch of our world-wide marketing vision for the Company. We are very pleased with our immediate success and we look forward to executing our world-wide marketing and sales program. We intend to reach many markets in the U.S. and in Europe and across the globe through traditional electronics distribution channels, and through our relationships with various emergency governmental agencies and international foundations and a broad range of large and small retail centers, purchaser/resellers, brokers and others,” stated Guy Ofir, Chief Executive Officer, Easy Energy, Inc.

“We, at Fame, Inc., are early purchaser/resellers of the YoGen cell phone charger device, because we think the YoGen and other products soon to come to the market by Easy Energy will revolutionize how we use many portable electronic devices including cell phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices around the world. We believe in the vision and business model of the Company’s CEO, Guy Ofir, which is why in addition to purchasing YoGen device units, we (my husband and I) entered into a stock purchase agreement directly with the Company for 1 million restricted common stock shares for a purchase price of .065/share,” commented Alison E. Morrison, President of Fame, Inc. based in Williamsburg, Virginia.