Trading on the OTCBB, Easy Energy Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of the YoGen® product suite. Incorporated in Nevada in 2007, the Company has their headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also have offices in Naariya, Israel. Their YoGen® products are a family of man-powered electronics chargers. Easy Energy Inc. focuses on providing solutions to battery consumption of hand-held personal electronic devices and laptops.

The Company’s YoGen® products are a power source that aids devices’ operational abilities where conventional recharging sources are unavailable. Their product line-up includes the basic YoGen®. This is a slim, pocket-sized charger for small devices. It operates by a pull-cord and is suitable for use with cell phones, iPods, and such. Repeated pulling of the cord is like using a Yo-Yo and an internal alternator spins continuously. This generates power allowing for recharging of small device batteries. Easy Energy Inc.’s YoGen Maxâ„¢ is a compact, fold-up foot-driven charger for laptop computer-sized devices. This product also includes its own battery pack.

In addition, the Company has their prototyped YoGen Batâ„¢. This product will replace a conventional cell phone battery. It also provides pull-cord charging capabilities.

Guy Ofir, Chief Executive Officer of Easy Energy, stated, “This innovative new product will provide the same excellent charging capabilities of our existing YoGen® product line, without requiring an additional stand-alone unit. On the outside, the YoGen Batâ„¢ looks just like a regular slim battery that is built directly into the cell-phone, but includes a miniature handle for a hand power application to recharge it mechanically.”

Today, Easy Energy Inc. announced that they completed finalization of the design of the smaller of their two models of YoGen® chargers. They are in the process of outlining their plans for placing the YoGen® models into mass production. Easy Energy’s target market for their product family is the cellular phone, laptop, notebooks, digital still camera, camcorder, PDAS, GPS devices, and smart phones markets.