The trick to losing weight and looking youthful is by eating the right kind of foods. If you have a healthier eating option, you are also less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. This means you have a lesser risk of getting a heart attack. Eating these foods daily can help you lose about 10 pounds in a year.

Rather than picking up a milk chocolate in the grocery store, opt for dark chocolate. It has lesser caloric content. For an ounce of it, it only contains 170 calories. Most health conscious individuals munch on dark chocolate because they are less likely to eat more on their next meal. That is proven true by a research done in the University of Copenhagen. So why is that? It is because the contents of chocolate helps slow down the process of digestion making you full for a long period of time. Not only that, it can curb your cravings for something fatty, sweet and salty.

An egg a day helps blast your fat away. Eggs have a double take. They can get rid of fat and at the same time make you feel full for a longer span of time. Hence, you will eat less. It only contains 78 calories and has a high level of protein that is enough for your daily requirement. For a healthier approach, you can poach it rather than frying it.

Get nuts with pine nuts. Not many know that pine nuts are actually healthier compared to almonds. Half an ounce of a serving of pine nuts only contains 95 calories. You would be happy to know that it reduces the fat you have in your belly.

Learn to appreciate cheese. However, you need to choose goat or feta cheese. They have a significant content of conjugated linoleic acid. Make sure you know where you get your cheese. They need to be from grass-fed animals. It means it's organic. Here's a healthy snack. You can grill some tomatoes, zucchini and eggplants. Put all these vegetables in your whole wheat bread and add in the cheese. For a much flavorful taste, drizzle some olive oil.