eBay users have a history of offering popular items such as iPads, Coach handbags and Hello Kitty, but the shutdown of Dublin Dr Pepper created offers on themed merchandise that included the ridiculous: Four six-packs of glass bottles of the beverage for $9,999.

So far, nobody has bitten from a seller who's used the sell a six-pack for $28.98 until Dr. Pepper threatened to sue Dublin Dr Pepper, a version of the soft drink made in Dublin, Texas that contained cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

However, eBay, the worldwide auction phenomenon, has several other outrageous items for sale.

Below are just a handful of some of the more outrageous items up for bids:

1.      The Male Chastity Device

This clear plastic device is meant as a chastity belt for your member down under and sells for 26 pounds. From the seller: This model naturally conforms to the penis and body it is easily worn under clothing. It is vented with curving lines and only needs a shower to be hygienic. The material is a highly durable transparent polycarbonate. The strength of this material exceeds that of acrylic and many other plastic blends.

This male device can still be worn 24/7 and not interfere with your routine, I have worn one for 44 days!

2.      Chewed Gum

A bargain at $0.99, this is an actual piece of chewed gum. From the seller: 1 chewed piece of gum! Still has a little flavor! Can chew more if needed!

3.       Expensive.me

The goldrush of domain names faded after the Internet bubble popped in the late 90s, but in a blast from the past, a seller in San Diego is offering the domain expensive.me at the appropriate price of $20 million.

From the seller:  I am selling the domain expensive.me.  It is the ultimate luxury domain showing glamour and value.  It will be the most expensive domain name ever sold and will hold all of the prestige that goes along with that.  Perfect for that billionaire blog, etc...  It is rare and completely unique and has the very desirable .me extension.  Will transfer to your registrar upon receiving payment.

4.      Bay View High School (Milwaukee, Wisc.) yearbook from 1930

At $1,000, this yearbook probably cost more than the entire production run, even after adjusting for the 1930 dollars. However, this is a marketing scheme for the seller, who offers many items for $1,000 and allows bidders to negotiate down the prices.

5.      Black Wedding Dress

Thinking of wearing white for your winter wedding? You have options, including this custom-made black wedding dress that sells for $149, but can come in one of 81 colors.

From the seller: All our dresses wholesale price to sell, we can make it for you at an incredible price. please ask for details.