Although the ECB kept rates on hold as expected, Trichet did put on a hawkish tone indicating the possibility of a rate hike next month. He went further by saying economic fundamentals look strong however risks to price stability remain ever present. The EURUSD gained 250 points, trading from 1.5368 yesterday to 1.5618 early this morning. The Bank of England also kept rates on hold as expected but did not release any comments. There was no effect to the GBPUSD at the time of the announcement, however the pair eventually gained some ground on the back of the Euro’s strength later in the day.

Today’s employment figures are expected to drop for another month in a row, indicating that the United States may be in a mild recession. The dollar’s upside remains attractive as yesterday’s jobless claims were better than expected. The forecast for the payrolls today is a decline of 75k versus a decline of 58k previous.