FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Jean Claude Trichet, ECB's president has focused on CPI, stressing inflationary control as the main task of the monetary policy, after the latest Bank's monetary policy decision to maintain interest rates unchanged at 4.0%, a decision, he assured, that was reached by consensus.

There were voices on the meeting defending a rate hike, Trichet has affirmed the Bank remains ready to act pre-emptively on CPI risks once that he noted upward risks to price stability over the medium term, which might indicate tart the Bank's intentions are closer to a rate hike than to lower rates.

About the economy, Trichet assured that economic fundaments remain sound after the crisis in the U.S. credit markets, and that money and credit growth remains vigorous nevertheless he warns about downward risks to economic growth outlook.

Lastly, The Bank, according to Trichet, has been always ready to offer dollar liquidity, which he assesses as an useful action to the market.