Echo Therapeutics is developing the Symphony tCGM System as a non-invasive, wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system for patients with diabetes and for use in hospital critical care units. Echo is also developing its needle-free Prelude SkinPrep System as a platform technology for enhanced skin permeation for delivery of topical pharmaceuticals.

All existing FDA-approved continuous glucose monitoring systems are needle-based, requiring insertion of a glucose sensor into the patient’s skin. Not only does this cause discomfort, but it also gives rise to risks of infection, inflammation or bleeding at the insertion site. Echo Therapeutics’ Symphony tCGM does not require insertion of its glucose sensor, eliminating the risks and discomfort associated with needle-based CGM systems.

The Prelude SkinPrep System incorporates Echo Therapeutics’ patented skin permeation control technology into a comfortable, hand-held device that increases the permeability of the skin allowing for analyte extraction and drug delivery. The key feature of the company’s skin permeation technology is its feedback control algorithm used to achieve optimal and pain-free skin preparation for transdermal sensing technologies.

In recent news, Echo Therapeutics announced that development of the commercially ready Symphony tCGM System is ahead of schedule. It is now anticipated that the system will be ready for demonstration in the second quarter and that it will be used in a clinical trial shortly thereafter. According to the press release, the market for needle-free, continuous wireless glucose monitoring in the hospital critical care setting alone exceeds $1 billion annually.