EClips Energy Technologies, Inc. is an energy services company and electronics manufacturer. The company’s main business focus is the development of technology to reduce electric, gas, and water usage for commercial, government, and residential facilities. They transform inventions and research projects into marketable products that conserve energy and promote environmental sustainability. EClips Energy Technologies, Inc. has their headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

EClips manufactures Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors for electrical surge protection, low voltage surge protection, video surge protection, and registered jack surge protection. The Company also has their H HYBRID Hydrogen-Oxygen diesel fuel reduction technology. It increases the efficiency of an internal combustion engine (ICE). By injecting the separated hydrogen and oxygen molecules directly into the intake of an ICE, the engine’s gas mileage can be significantly increased.

EClips also has their Pure Air Technology. This technology eliminates organic pollutants and microorganisms from indoor areas, transforming the particles into Oxygen and water vapor. Originally designed for NASA, it removes biological and chemical agents from the air with energy efficiency. The Pure Air technology reduces the amount of fresh air that must pump into a building. This further reduces the cost of providing high quality indoor air.

Today, EClips Energy Technologies, Inc. announced the successful development of a prototype ‘Pure Air’ unit. They will offer this to commercial and domestic customers. The system utilizes the PATI (Pure Air) technology acquired by the company from the University of Florida, following the successful development of a sterile air system for NASA’s long-term space travel. Planning to have retail units available in the next few months, the company will market the PATI system as ‘EClips Gamma 1′ pure air system.